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Siofok is about 100 km away from the capital city Budapest. The city is directly at the lakefront of Lake Balaton. There are beautiful beaches along the 15 km south east waterfront. The climate at lake Balaton is with 2000 til 2500 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 21 degrees really enjoyable.
The well-established area around Lake Balaton is a paradise for tourists of any age. There are many leisure activities you can enjoy. For example bungeejumping, paragliding, horse riding, paintball, surfing, paddleboat, beachvolleyball, wine tours, sun bathing and so much more.

At night you can either take it easy with a campfire or some drinks at a pub, or you can go crazy in one of the many clubs. Siofok the the biggest nightlife district in Hungary. There are also a bunch of music festivals all summer long…like the ,,Balaton Sound and ,,B my Lake“.

Siofok is a place that never sleeps… a city full of energy 24/7. If you and your friends are partyanimals you can dance at the Coke Beach even during the day. And you defenatly have to check out one oft he biggest clubs in Hungary Flört and Palace.

For familys and those who just want to have a relaxing holliday there is also a lot to offer. The beautiful long beaches and the entertainment program is a great mix of relaxation and fun. Attractions like Climbing- or Water Parks, surfing or paddleboat, horse or bike tours along the lakeshore are just some of the things to check out in this beautiful area.
Everithing is possible in Siofok… sport/ party/ entertainment/ relaxing/ fun for everybody 0 -99!