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Club Pub Daddy

Our bar and club is located in the fun and party area of Siofok the Petőfi sétány, about 50 meters away from the Coke Club Siofok. The 200 m2 club with patios and chill out lounge are inviting to spend some time. Beside all imaginable Drinks and Cocktails you can be served with Snacks, different kinds of ice cream and as the only place in Siofok you can enjoy the Swiss delicacys Raclette and Fondue. 
At night the Pub Daddy Club turns into a party hotspot with a direct connection to Coke Beach. Siofok is a pulsating city directly at lake Balaton. At the Petöfy promenade are the most popular Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Beaches and Night Clubs. Not far away from the area are the Night Clbs Flört and Palace.

At weekend we play electronic Music with the most popular Djs from Hungary. 

Rezident Djs 2017: Balatonbetas (Spirit & Tian) Danielson (CH) Rush

Guest Djs: (CH) Metha, Mattan, Gaga, Legendary Moments, EastCafe, Seb Blake (France), Ra-Moon (CH), Backstube (CH), Mik3 (CH), Robert R Hardy, Duel Live fx, Chriss Ronson, Badgirls, Budai, Sanfranciscobeat, Andras Bader, Davko, and many more!

You can rent our club for your Birthday, Wedding, Business Parties. Ask our Manager about the conditions +41796553318 / +36706367787




  • Pub Daddy Opening 2015
    • Seb Blake (France)
    • Legendary Moments Parties
    • Gaga
    • Ra-Moon (CH)
    • Backstube (CH)
    • Mik3 (CH)
    • Andras Bader (Truesounds)
    • Metha
    • Budai
    • Dual Chanel
    • EastCafe
    • Sanfranciscobeat
    • Badgirls
    • Mattan
    • Davko
    • Robert R Hardy
    • Spirit
    • Danielson (CH)
    • (CH)
    • Tian


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  • Variant 1

    • from 14:00 to 22:00
    • Beer, sangria and wine
    • 6 days CHF 129.-
    • 6 days EUR 119.-
  • Variant 2

    • from 18:00 to open end
    • Drink what you want!
    • 6 days CHF 219.-
    • 6 days EUR 199.-
  • Variant 3

    • "DJ" for DJ's
    • from 18:00 to open end
    • Habitation
    • Breakfast
    • 6 days CHF 200.-